Thursday, March 5, 2009

Flavour Bomb - patent pending

I dreamed up an exciting new culinary product the other night. Didn't think it up, literally dreamed it. As you may be able to guess from the title of this post it's called flavour bomb. It's like a stock cube but oh so much more. "Delicious in soups and stews, crumble over a chicken before roasting. Or why not add boiling water and enjoy as a hot, savoury drink on a cold winter's eve? Flavour Bomb. Drop a Flavour Bomb on it! Now available in lemon and thyme." There'd be all kinds of flavours. Also, the name reminds me of bath bomb, so maybe it could be effervescent or something. I'm thinking of taking it to Knorr.

I was watching Escape from L.A. a couple of days ago and it gave me an idea for a way of making myself look really tough and mysterious. Try it out.
When someone approaches you, perhaps at a party, and says "hey, aren't you (insert your name here)? You slowly turn your head away, squint as though remembering some long distant hardship and utter in a slow, throaty growl, "I used to be". Leave a few seconds of silence and then change the subject. Give it a go, you'll look awesome. Guaranteed.

Going to see Watchmen tomorrow, I am very excited. Bye.