Sunday, September 16, 2007


Just saw the trailer for the new Ironman movie on the apple trailers site. It actually looks pretty good. Robert Downey Jr plays alcoholic, billionaire, weapons manufacturing, genius, playboy Tony Stark in the film which is coming out next May. The gist of it is that Stark is off visiting troops and doing a bit of sales patter when he is kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build them a missile. Probably some fancy missile I guess, as the regular kind are apparently not that difficult to come by. Anyhow, in the classic A-team/McGuyver style of baddies not fully appreciating their captives superior skills, he is locked away in a room full of goodies and told to get to work. Which of course he does, but not in the way he was supposed to. Instead he builds himself a badass suit of mechanical armour and proceeds to make everyone very sorry that they messed with him. Oh, and half way through 'Ironman' by Black Sabbath kicks in and takes things up a notch. All in all, a good start. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

While we're on the subject there's a trailer for the next Batman movie out as well. But this one doesn't have any action, just voiceovers. So instead of watching that you should go and check out Batman: Dead End. This is a short movie made by a fan a few years ago on next to no budget. Luckily, though, he was working in the special effects/props department of a movie studio at the time and was able to 'borrow' a few items on the sly when everyone went home for the night. That's how he was able to write a few special guest stars into his story. It's very faithful to the Batman that comic readers love and manages to put the Schumacher films to shame in only 8 minutes. Go watch it!